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Priority Cards

During the Museum-University Partnership Initiative it was identified that one of the key challenges facing teams, projects, partners, and organisations was effective priority setting. Whilst many people and organisations had a notion of their priorities, it was clear that a process of organic development was taking place resulting in a lack of clarity around team, project, or organisational priorities.

These cards were designed to help start conversations and facilitate discussion on priorities - within teams, or projects, or partnerships, or throughout whole organisations.

Although developed for museums and universities, they have been used beyond the MUPI project, across the museum, heritage, Higher Education, and archives sectors. With those who have used them reporting that they have been incredibly effective.

Below you may download the instructions on how to use the cards, the full set of priority cards, and a set of priority 'wildcards' on which you may write your priorities. Ideally the 'card' pdfs should be printed on A3 size paper or card.

Paddy McNulty Associates are happy to help facilitate priority setting for your organisation or project. If you think we can help, please do get in touch.